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CABOVERDE24.COM - provides a good search engine dedicated solely to Web Pages related to Cape Verde.

COMMERCIAL GUIDE OF THE U.S. EMBASSY IN CAPE VERDE - released August 2000. Provides a useful comprehensive look at Cape Verde's commercial environment using economic, political and market analysis. Very recommended.

CAPE VERDE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL HOME PAGE - English and Portuguese versions. External Investment legislation is available for downloading.

BANCO DE CABO VERDE - Web Page of the Central Bank containing much useful information related to the economy as well as numerous valuable links.

CAPE VERDE HOME PAGE (UNOFFICIAL) is mainly directed toward the Cape Verdean émigré community living in the USA. However, it contains a large amount of social, political, economic and cultural information on Cape Verde.

CAPE VERDE "ITALIAN" HOME PAGE - an impressive web site with useful information, regularly updated, in English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

INFORPRESS - is the national news agency. News bulletins updated daily - in Portuguese.

CABONET - a Cape Verdean web site - gives a daily updated news bulletin on local current affairs, in Portuguese. Encourages participation from English-speakers as well.

EXPRESSO DAS ILHAS is a local newspaper sponsored by the Opposition, in Portuguese

VISAO ONLINE is a Cape Verde news page produced by ex-pats living in the USA. English and Portuguese versions.

CAPE VERDE TRAVEL is the only British travel agent arranging package holidays to Cape Verde. Information on hotels, flights, sports activities etc available. Tel. +44 1964 532679 Fax +44 1964 536192



SINERGIA LIMITADA is a real estate company based in Praia. Sinergia has exclusivity to represent Grepne concerning the sale of property on the 62 hectare urban development zone in Laranjo/Achada de S.Filipe and is also an agent to represent Grepne concerning the family's projects on the Vale da Custa region including the finding of a suitable strategic investor/partner for the hotel project at the Baia de S.Francisco, the development of touristic villages etc. E-mail: Web Page: Tel: +238 603300/917664/932855; Fax: +238 612885. Address: PO Box 354, Rotunda da Cha de Areia, Praia, Cape Verde Islands.

PROMEX - Center for Promotion of Tourism, Investment & Exports is a partially government-controlled body funded by the World Bank with the aim to promote Cape Verde's tourism, investment and export potential, particularly to foreign investors. Promex assists the government in the application for and approval of foreign investment projects. Foreign investment brochures can be requested as well as free subscription to its publications. E-mail: A Web Page should be available soon. Tel: +238 622736/622621; Fax: +238 622737. Address: PO Box 89-C, Achada de Sto.António, Praia, Cape Verde Islands.

OVERSEAS TRADE SERVICES has a desk dealing with Cape Verde. Tel: +44 207 215 4966. (alternate


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